You will find some frequently-asked questions here.

What is coding?

Simply speaking, coding is the process of toggling parameters on and off or modifying them in other ways. By coding your car, we can activate certain features that were hidden, unavailable, or inactive (for whatever reason). We can also disable certain behaviors. In addition, coding is necessary for retrofitting modules to the car.

Does coding void my warranty?

No. Coding does not invalidate or affect the warranty because, in most cases, we are merely turning on/off options that are already built-in to the car.

Is the coding safe?

Yes. Coding is fully reversible. It is virtually impossible to damage or “brick” any components.

How long does it take?

It depends on what features you would like coded. On average, for local customers, it will take less than 20 minutes. For remote coding customers, it will take around 45 minutes.

How does remote coding work?

Remote coding allows us to code your car from the comfort of your own WiFi-equipped garage. Please contact us for more information on how it works.

What happens if I take the car to the dealership?

If you take the car to the dealership and they do a software update on the car, certain things that were coded may get re-set back to their default values. Only the modules that are updated by the dealership will have the coding re-set. Dealerships rarely perform software updates. For example, for routine maintenance (e.g., oil changes), a software update will not be done.

Why are some features disabled in the US but enabled on Euro-spec cars?

For many features, this is due to liability concerns.

Is it legal to turn off the seat belt reminders and to watch DVDs while driving?

Depending on your jurisdiction, some of the features may not be road-legal. We offer them under the premise that they will be enabled only on “off-road use” cars. We will not be held responsible for any ramifications, legal or otherwise, resulting from negligence or any other issues.

Can I play DVDs on my CCC iDrive?

No. Even though it has a DVD drive, you will not be able to play DVDs. That feature is only available for the CIC and NBT iDrive systems.

Can you make the “clown nose” under the rear-view mirror blink if I don’t have the OEM alarm system?

No, you must install the OEM alarm system first.

Why is a certain feature not available on my car?

The availability of features is determined by many things (build date, hardware version of the module of interest, etc.). In some cases, you can retrofit a newer module to activate certain features.

Can you code my car that is not a BMW?

No. At the moment, we specialize in BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce only.

Can you reset my footwell module (FRM)?

It depends. We can easily reset short circuits in the footwell module. This happens when a bulb is defective or burned out for a long time – the car will think that there’s a short circuit and disable that circuit altogether. If this happens, then the footwell module can be reset and your lights will work correctly again.

If your footwell module was subject to a power failure or other related issues (e.g., battery was disconnected or replaced), it may have corrupted the software on your FRM. This is a known issue with the FRM3 modules in many 2010+ BMWs. If your windows, mirrors, and many lights don’t work correctly, those are definite symptoms that your footwell module software has been corrupted. If this happens, you must replace the footwell module with a working unit compatible for your car. We also offer a FRM repair service that requires you to send your failed unit to us. We will then repair it on the bench to a “factory new” state. In either case, the replacement module will need to be re-coded to your car after you install it.