In addition to coding, we offer a variety of OEM software update flashes for your BMW.

  1. Programming and commissioning replacement control units (new or used) to your car
  2. Euro calibration for SMG transmission (E46 M3, E60 M5, E63/64 M6): 4,000 RPM launch control, faster shifts
  3. Euro calibration for DCT transmission (E9x M3): faster shifts, remapped drive logic
  4. Alpina B3 (for cars with N54 or N55 engines) and D3 (cars with M47 engine) transmission software: faster shifts, more aggressive transmission logic
  5. Flow and pulse width calibration for replacement fuel injectors (N54 and N55 engines)
  6. Latest DME software updates (e.g., 240E for E9x M3, 49.3 I-Level for N54-equipped cars)